• Our Mission

    The mission of US Real Estate Advisors Inc. is to provide the very best quality in commercial real estate contract underwriting, due diligence, and securitized debt services to institutional and corporate clients.
  • Our Philosophy

    US Real Estate Advisors Inc.'s business philosophy is to focus on servicing the needs of a select group of commercial real estate clientele where we have the opportunity to provide critical and strategic value-added services.
  • Our Services

    We appraise all commercial property types, including special use property types like manufactured home park easements, golf courses, nursing homes, and quarry appraisals.
  • Inspector Network

    We have nearly 1000 inspectors that can be at any property within 24 hours nationwide. Each have, on average, 10 years in the business. We have a record of being able to complete inspectors on time and with reliability.
    US Real Estate Advisors' nationwide network of nearly 1000 inspectors


We specialize in a variety of real estate services...

Development, Investment and Asset Management

Dream Port 3, LLC is an entity focused on real estate acquisition, development and asset management, which is also managed...



US Real Estate Advisors Inc. offers a wide range of contract underwriting, due diligence services and site inspection services to...



US Real Estate Advisors has over 15 years of experience in performing inspections nationwide for major institutions, investors...



US Real Estate Advisors Inc. is also able to provide comprehensive real estate valuation consulting services to our clients based...


Easement Valuations

US Real Estate Advisors, Inc. (USREA) specializes and has provided hundreds of comprehensive real estate Easement...



US Real Estate Advisors Inc. creates and implements viable commercial real estate debt restructuring solutions providing a...


Manufactured Home Park Valuations

Steve Wolgin has served on the Board of Directors for UMH for over approximately 5 years. During that time UMH has...


REIT Director Experience

US Real Estate Advisors has provided advisory services to newly-formed Boards, including the Board of Directors for...


Recent Projects

What we're doing...

700 Inspections in the Previous Six Months NEW!

Over 700 inspections completed in the last six months of 2015 for investment banks, REITs and B-piece buyers.

We have nearly 1000 inspectors nationwide!

US Real Estate Advisors' nationwide network of nearly 1000 inspectors

$100 Million in Loan Underwriting NEW!

In 2015 we underwrote over $100 Million in Complex Conduit Loans for retail, industrial, and milti-family properties.

$89 Million Bridge Loan Redevelopment NEW!

500 unit Condo/Apartment building located in Cherry Hill, NJ.

$1.5 Million NYC Annual Lease Renegotiation NEW!

Participated in a 15-year lease renegotiation/market rent study.

Over 50 Easement Valuations Located Nationwide NEW!

Analyzed complex "Dimunition In Valuation (DIV)" in property due to title defect.

$150 Million in Valuations Nationwide NEW!

Valuations of a pool of industrial, commercial and residential buldings nationwide.

$5.7 Million Acquisition

Acquisition of 50,000 square feet of mixed-use commercial properties in the Heart of the Old Port section in Portland, ME. Architectural master plan conceptual design competition held among three premier architectural firms from Portland. The selected redevelopment master plan will double the current square footage of the properties and will enhance the value to the tenants and the community.

300 Inspections in October

Over 300 inspections completed in October 2014 for investment banks and B-piece buyers.

Pennsylvania Quarry Valuation

400 Million Ton Quarry Valuation in Pennsylvania Involving the Mineral Rights, Business and Real Property.

Florida Billboard Site Valuation

Billboard Site Valuation in Florida Involving the Dimunition in Value (DIV) of its Presence on the Property.

Pennsylvania Timber Rights Purchase Option Valuation

Timber Rights Purchase Option Valuation for 193 +/- Acres in Pennsylvania.


What are clients say about us...

  • USREA's network of inspectors is truly AMAZING. I could not believe how quickly USREA was able to get an inspector out to the site despite being on the opposite side of the country.

    Christopher D. Collins, President, Konquer IT
  • When I needed proven commercial real estate expertise for a nursing home valuation, I did not hesitate to contact USREA. Their experience with specialty property type appraisals is just what I needed!

    Breanna L. Serrano, Owner, CareCasa LLC

About Us

Who we are...

Steven B. Wolgin

Managing Director

Steven B. Wolgin is a Managing Director at US Real Estate Advisors, Inc. (“USREA”) formed in 2003. He was also a Partner and Head of Underwriting with...


Lynn E. Rosen


Lynn E. Rosen is a Director at US Real Estate Advisors, Inc. where she manages all accounting functions for the company. Her other responsibility is to...


Patricia Yeh


Patricia Yeh is a Director at US Real Estate Advisors, Inc. whose primary responsibility is to asset manage a portfolio of commercial properties...


Fletcher H. Johnson, IV


Mr. Johnson has 15+ years of experience in commercial real estate valuation and consultation and is a New York State Certified Real Estate General Appraiser...


Ilhan Kim


Ilhan Kim, Director at U.S. Real Estate Advisors, Inc., is responsible for sourcing new business opportunities, marketing and research, and comm...


Kathleen M. Mann


Kathleen M. Mann, Director at U.S. Real Estate Advisors, Inc. and a Certified General Real Estate Appraiser, began her real estate career in 2007...


Altaf Ghanie

Project Manager

Altaf Ghanie, a Project Manager at US Real Estate Advisors Inc., is responsible for managing a range of inspection projects, client management and...


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